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About us

EileenCladdagh Design is the work of Silversmith, Eileen Moylan.

Claddagh Design was founded by Eileen Moylan. Eileen is a master designer with over a decade of experience transforming thoughts and ideas into fantastic pieces that delight her customers.

Eileen’s inspiration comes from her Irish heritage. What started with a love of the Claddagh Ring, grew into something much more as she explored the use of the ancient Celtic language Ogham and its use in contemporary jewelry.

“Ireland inspires me and everything I create. I feel in our modern world, the emphasis is often on quick, disposable and cheap. Claddagh Design was founded to be the exact opposite of this. We want to learn from the past and its beauty and bring this into pieces which are both contemporary yet timeless”

Having trained in both Ireland and abroad, she came back to Ireland to work under one of Irelands last remaining Silversmiths before setting up on her own.

Now with 1000’s of happy customers, and her pieces in all corners of the globe she continues to extend her range.

“I love the mix between designing and creating. I am privileged to be able to do both and to work with people from start to finish.   When customers work with me, they can be 100% sure all the love and detail I have poured into the design will be translated into the creation of the finished product”

Eileen also writes the blog here on Claddagh Design as well as maintaining the twitter account and the facebook page.

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