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Gold Torc Declared an Item of Treasure

Gold Bronze Age spiral torc

I recently read about this Bronze Age torc which was found in Co. Fermanagh. It’s an interesting story, although the torc was found in 2009 it was two years before the finder thought it might be of any historical value! After being examined by the British Museum the 3000 year old piece of jewellery has been declared an item of treasure.

The torc is made from a bar of gold which has been twisted to create this spiral pattern. Because of the size of the piece it is most likely that it was worn around the waist. It is believed that the piece was coiled up to make it easier to bury or perhaps to prevent it being worn by anyone else.

Mr. Ronnie Johnson who found the torc using a metal detector brought it home, cleaned it and presuming it was an old car part threw it in a drawer. It was only when he was looking at a Treasure Hunters magazine that he spotted the similarity between his twisted piece of metal and a picture of a gold torc. He contacted the Armagh County Museum who investigated the find.

As you will know we draw inspiration from our research of Bronze Age Torcs and Lunulaes. Maybe we’ll design a piece dedicated to this accidental treasure! Below are our Contemporary Irish Handmade Cufflinks available for worldwide delivery through our Shop

Silver Torc Cufflinks


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One Response to Gold Torc Declared an Item of Treasure

  1. Aine Galvin April 19, 2012 at 10:39 pm #

    Very interesting! Thank God it didn’t end up in a scrap yard!

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