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FT5S Exterior boulder light Newgrange Boyne County Meath Tourism Ireland (2)

Everything you need to know about Newgrange

  Newgrange is one of Ireland’s most popular tourist attractions, welcoming around 200,000 visitors every year. For most Irish people however, Newgrange is a place we learn about during countless history lessons but never actually bother to visit. Having explored it ourselves last year, we can guarantee that it’s worth the trip into the heart […]

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Claddagh Ring Symbols of love

A Complete Guide to Irish Blessings

Throughout history, Ireland has always had a strong (if sometimes complicated) relationship with religion. Until relatively recently the church had a large influence over many aspects of Irish life. Even our most popular national holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, is in honour of the man who brought Christianity to Ireland all the way back to the […]

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President Barack Obama meets with Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Enda Kenny of Ireland in the Oval Office, March 20, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

The Real Story of the Shamrock

  The shamrock is a tiny, insignificant plant that is recognised all over the world as a symbol for Ireland. Whether you’re Irish or not, everyone knows at least a small part of the story that made the shamrock so famous; namely, Saint Patrick using it to explain the ways of Christianity to his followers. […]

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Who were the Celts?

So much of Irish culture, both in today’s society and in the past, has been influenced by the island’s first significant inhabitants – the Celts. Their traditions, activities, language and laws dictated the way of life in Ireland for thousands of years and still form the foundation of many aspects of Irish life today. Our […]

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Richard Joyce; the Man behind the Claddagh Ring

Claddagh Ring   We’ve already written about where the Claddagh ring comes from and its transformation from an identifying symbol for the fishermen of Claddagh to a worldwide symbol of Irishness, friendship and love. But what about the man who designed and made it? Here at Claddagh Design,  his legacy has been an inspiration for […]

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The Great Irish Famine

To look at Ireland in the present day, it’s difficult to believe that there was once a time when almost its entire population suffered from poverty, starvation, mass emigration and disease, in much the same way that some third world countries suffer today. Believe it or not, this was once the stark reality that many […]

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The Story of Fionn MacCumhaill

Claddagh Design – Handcrafted Pieces Inspired by the Past Irish mythology is extensive and complex, full of stories of ancient gods, malicious creatures, and superhuman warriors. One name that pops up more than any other however, is Fionn MacCumhaill (or Finn MacCool to give the anglicised version). Fionn was arguably the greatest hunter warrior in […]

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Irish Folklore Stories

Story telling is a hugely important part of Irish culture and heritage. So many of our playwrights, novelists and poets are literary greats, and our musicians and filmmakers are highly successful too; all of which are, not so coincidentally, mediums where story telling is paramount. Irish people are a naturally sociable race so storytelling is […]

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