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Silver IRFU Pendant

Here is another custom piece that was requested via our Custom Made Jewelry page. The request this time was for a sterling silver pendant in the shape of the Irish Rugby Football Union logo.

I began by marking out the design of the IRFU logo. This is scribed into the silver sheet. Next, I used my piercing frame (A type of saw) to cut around my inscribed line.

The blade of the piercing frame is extremely thin so it can cut around the lines without loosing any of the intricate detail of my engraved lines.
Close up of Eileen Moylan cutting the IRFU logo shape from a sheet of silver

Close up of Eileen Moylan cutting the IRFU logo from a sheet of silver.

Once I have the shape cut out I file all the edges to remove any of the cutting lines. I then add a ring to the top of the pendant. This sterling silver ring is soldered on to the pendant using my gas torch.
Once this has been soldered and the metal has been cleaned and polished, we can then start engraving the details of the design.
The pendant prior to inscription and finishing

This shows the pendant prior to the inscription of the logo detail and finishing.

This logo is made up of three shamrock leaves with a rugby ball in the centre. Once engraved and polished, I attach the pendant loop and the piece is finished.
The finish IRFU pendant from Eileen Moylan of Claddagh Design

Close up of the final IRFU Pendant before the chain is added.

 If this looks like something you would like, let us know through our Custom Made Jewelry page. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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