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7 Ways to say ‘I Love You’ in Irish



This week in the workshop we have been asked to translate lots of beautifully romantic messages from English into Irish. Some of these pieces we have translated and engraved directly onto jewelry with other pieces being translated into Ogham before inscribing.

If you don’t speak Irish, here are a just few of the heartfelt messages and inscriptions that translate beautifully into Gaelic.


I’ve added pronunciations so you can impress that someone special with your grasp of the Irish language!

  1. Grá go Deo (pronounced graw gu djo) means Love forever.
  2. Tá mé i ngrá leat (pronounced taw may i ngraw lat) means I love you.
  3. Grá buan (pronounced graw boo-in) means Love forever.
  4. Grá mo Chroí (pronounced graw mu cree) means Love of my heart.
  5. Tá grá agam duit (pronounced taw graw agum dit) means I love you.
  6. A chuisle mo chroí (pronounced ah coo-shil mu cree) means Pulse of my heart/My hearts beloved.
  7. Is tú mo rogha (pronounced iss too mu row-ah) means You are my chosen one.


If you wish to add a personal Irish engraving to any of our handcrafted jewelry pieces on our Claddagh Design shop feel free to contact me directly.


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2 Responses to 7 Ways to say ‘I Love You’ in Irish

  1. Kristina September 16, 2019 at 2:40 am #

    How does one navigate the liminal space beween a chara and a stór? Or is there none? GRMMA!

    • Paula @ Claddagh Design September 17, 2019 at 12:21 pm #

      That’s a really good question Kristina! If you were to address a friend, you would say a chara. It is like saying ‘oh friend’. A stór means treasure. It’s like an affectionate way of saying my darling. Hope this helps!

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