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7 Ways to say ‘I Love You’ in Irish


This week I’ve been translating lots of beautifully romantic messages from English into Irish. If you don’t speak Irish here are some phrases that I have been asked to translate and engrave recently.

Silver Irish Ogham Engraved Cufflink

Grá Ogham Cufflinks

I’ve added pronunciations so you can impress that someone special with your grasp of the Irish language!

  1. Grá go Deo (pronounced graw gu djo) means Love forever.
  2. Tá mé i ngrá leat (pronounced taw may i ngraw lat) means I love you.
  3. Grá buan (pronounced graw boo-in) means Love forever.
  4. Grá mo Chroí (pronounced graw mu cree) means Love of my heart.
  5. Tá grá agam duit (pronounced taw graw agum dit) means I love you.
  6. A chuisle mo chroí (pronounced ah coo-shil mu cree) means Pulse of my heart/My hearts beloved.
  7. Is tú mo rogha (pronounced iss too mu row-ah) means You are my chosen one.

With this being wedding season, we are  filled with the joys of romance. Our brides and grooms often ask for beautiful Irish sentiment, we have never come across before so we love creating and engraving wedding bands they will always treasure. From our Cufflinks and Tie Clips to our modern Claddagh Wedding Ring we offer a customisation service and hand engrave yout secret message date, names or initials to your ring or gift.

If you like any of these phrases & would like an Irish engraving on a special piece of handmade contact us through our Custom Jewelry form

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