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Men’s Jewelry Through the Ages

  In the past, men’s jewelry has taken a back seat in favor of women’s. Women have long been seen to take greater pride in their appearance than men. From the wearing of engagement rings and piercings to everyday wear like earrings or necklaces, contemporary jewelry has traditionally catered primarily for women. With men’s jewelry […]

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Are Claddagh Rings for Men?

While many ladies of Irish descent and other nationalities wear the Claddagh ring as a keepsake, engagement or wedding ring, the question is often asked ‘Are Claddagh rings for men?’. Having recently launched our new Men’s Claddagh ring, you can safely assume that our answer is a resounding yes! The human sentiments expressed through the Claddagh symbols […]

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How to wear a Tie Pin

  The classic Tie Pin has finally been recognized as one of the most practical, yet stylish pieces of jewelry worn to accessorize work and formal wear for men!  With increased awareness of the value of attention to detail in menswear fashion, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in demand for our men’s handcrafted jewelry pieces.   One question our […]

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How to Wear a Tie Clip

Recently I wrote about the return of the tie clip and tie bar which has been influenced by tv programs like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Boardwalk Empire’. At Claddagh Design we’ve been keeping up to date with these trends by offering a customized tie clip service and also adding tie bars to our Ogham collection. So now […]

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The Return of the Tie Bar

  What sets a well dressed man apart? We think you will agree, it is nothing more than your attention to detail. We have always been huge fans of the classic tie bar so it was really interesting to see the LA Times recently wrote an article on how the tie bar is making a […]

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Accessorizing Irish Men

Since Claddagh Design is all about good quality Irish men’s jewelry I had a look at some Irish men who are doing their bit for fashion. The person who is currently flying the flag for the well dressed Irish man is Kerry Gaelic footballer Paul Galvin. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he is […]

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