Top 3 Christmas Gifts for Her

The Claddagh Design workshop is in full swing getting Christmas orders made and shipped around the world. We're working hard to keep the shop fully stocked and work on the many custom orders we've received. If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift, I've compiled a list of our most popular pieces that will make the perfect Christmas present for the woman in your life.

Ladies mens silver Claddagh wedding rings

1. Claddagh Ring. The Claddagh ring is our signature piece really. It was one of the most important pieces to us when we first designed the range and it's also the piece we get the most requests for. What makes it so popular? I suppose firstly it's the history of the Claddagh and the fact that it is known throughout the world as a symbol of love, loyalty and friendship. Also our contemporary twist on this classic symbol makes it a popular choice for a whole new generation of people discovering the meaning of the Claddagh

Silver Ogham Bracelet

2. Ogham Bracelet While this bracelet is a new addition to the collection Ogham is something we've been using since the start. The appeal of this piece is the secret Ogham message. Not everyone wants hearts and declarations of love emblazoned across their jewelry so this bracelet says 'my love' in Ogham, a secret message only you will understand.

Silver Celtic Torc necklace

3. Torc pendant This torc piece is another one of new collection but has been really popular since we launched it last month. We were drawn to the torc because it is such an iconic image in Irish archaeology and was thought to have magical protective powers. I love the idea of a piece of jewellery acting as a talisman to protect the wearer. Hope this helps with your Christmas shopping. As all our pieces are handmade in Ireland our shipping deadlines for Christmas are fast approaching! If you have any queries about ordering a piece of jewellery in time for Christmas feel free to contact me and we will make sure it is under your tree in time for Christmas!

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