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Claddagh Design is the work of Silversmith, Eileen Moylan.

Eileen has been working in Silver for 12 years having previously completed a Master’s degree in Ceramics and Design (in Cork, Ireland and Cardiff, Wales). From 2000 to 2010, Eileen worked in the workshop of Sean Carroll and Sons, one of the last remaining Silversmiths in Ireland.

This company are silversmiths and jewellers so I had the opportunity to work on small items of jewelry and also much large silver commissions. The work ranged from designing and making engagement rings to repairing and restoring large ecclesiastical pieces, allowing me to develop a broad range of skills.

Since 2010, Eileen has been working for herself, in the town of Macroom, County Cork where she lives.

When establishing Claddagh Design, it was clear that the jewelry would have to convey a contemporary twist on traditional Irish designs while always maintaining the highest levels of quality. This quality is only achieved where each piece is hand crafted individually, where Eileen’s eye for detail is brought to bear on every stage in the process of making hand crafted jewelry.

In addition to the jewelry Eileen makes for the Claddagh Design store, Eileen also makes custom Jewelry Made to Order, as well as larger works in Silver from simple bowls to large sculptural pieces. Throughout all her work is a commitment to the traditional methods she has been taught.

It is important to me that the techniques used are all done by hand. These techniques have remained unchanged since early silversmithing. My work marries these techniques with contemporary forms to give the work a craft base to these design led forms.

Eileen also writes the blog here on Claddagh Design as well as maintaining the twitter account and the facebook page.